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More than ever before concerns for our shared environmental future weigh on our global community. We acknowledge and adhere to the need for thoughtful, sustainable decisions in our business operations, our selected manufacturing partners and product offering

Australia has some way to go to achieve the APCO 2025 targets, and beyond. It’s a complex and complicated journey, but good progress continues to be made across the packaging value chain. As a responsible supplier of rigid packaging, we know we have a part to play in reducing the potentially harmful impact of packaging on the Australian environment, and we’re committed to driving transformation and delivering tangible outcomes for our customers, and the community.


Despite our substantial product portfolio across a vast and nuanced manufacturing supply chain, as a founding member of APCO (Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation), we’re proud to exceed Advanced level reporting status or greater, year on year, demonstrating our significant progress towards our enterprise’s packaging sustainability journey, whilst ensuring our quality standards are maintained, and products are fit for purpose. Our non-exhaustive initiatives encompass, but are not limited to, the integration of packaging sustainability in core business procurement strategies, rigorous vendor assessment during new product development processes aligned to the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines; management of vendor-client-vendor closed loop outer packaging process, product lightweighting and increased recycled content procurement projects. 

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      • Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) is a co-regulatory not-for-profit organisation leading the development of a circular economy for packaging in Australia. APCO's vision is a packaging value chain that collaborates to keep packaging materials out of landfill and retains the maximum value of the materials, energy and labour within the local economy.

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      • In 2022 Plasdene Glass-Pak was selected as a key partner to participate in the Australian Recycling Label (ARL) Marketplace Pilot Program. To discover how your business and the environment can benefit from ARL on pack information, click here.