Governance and Quality

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Our focus on risk mitigation and proactive trouble shooting means we've solved your issue before you knew you had one! We deliver peace of mind. And we deliver great packaging, too!

Plasdene Glass-Pak operates with an external Board of Directors and Advisors and has independent Auditors. Ken Pearson is the Chairman of the Board, whilst Jayne Pearson and Kacy Pearson are long-term Company Directors. The Company has a long-established strategic steering-committee formed by senior executives known as Plasdene Executive Committee of Management (PECOM), which drives the important decision-making of the business.

    • Quality Statement
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      • Plasdene Glass-Pak has proudly held Quality Endorsement to the Australian Standard ISO9001:2015, since 1994.

        During our history, we have continuously driven our domestic and international Supply Partners to strive for the highest level of Quality manufacturing standards possible, with a focus on rigorous Continuous Improvement and supply excellence. Understanding our client's discerning needs, we carefully select manufacturing platforms and only present viable, qualified supply options from our global manufacturing partners and expect that they have an understanding and recognition of future sustainability targets.

        In accordance with our ISO guidelines, we regularly assess our critical supply lines to ensure they continue to meet commercially acceptable market standards and the exceptionally stringent Quality levels of the Australian Market.

    • Trusted Traders
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      • Accreditation as an Australia Trusted Trader was successfully awarded in 2023. Administered by Home Affairs in conjunction with Australian Border Force, Australian Trusted Trader status is a mark of distinction signifying that Plasdene Glass-Pak has been independently and favourably assessed against World Customs Organisation standards.

         The ATT logo is a globally recognised mark of quality that signifies that a business has met or exceeded international supply chain security and trade compliance standards. As an Australian Trusted Trader, we are viewed as a low-risk business, given priority treatment for importation and exportation of goods, less frequent border holds,  and access to faster customs processing of up to 50% quicker compared to that of non-trusted cargo. As a major packaging distributor with proven superior trade compliance and security, our imports undergo fewer checks when they arrive. This means you can be confident our supply chain continuity is enhanced through the reduction of red tape at the border and the expeditious flow of our cargo in and out of Australia, which ultimately means access to your imported stock sooner, and faster access to market. 


    • Sedex
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      • Plasdene Glass-Pak is proud to maintain SEDEX membership. SEDEX is the largest collaborative platform for sharing ethical supply chain data. SEDEX is a globally recognised, innovative and effective supply chain management solution, helping to reduce risk, protect company reputations and improve supply chain practices. The four compliance Pillars of SEDEX being, Labour Standards; Health & Safety; Environment; and Business Ethics. All four pillars count on legal requirements, international standards and good practice.