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Global Scope Within Budget

When time, budget or start up quantity constraints mean a custom package won’t suit, our in-stock range is just the beginning! We source and stock hundreds of millions of glass, plastic fibreboard and metal containers and closures annually from a global network of qualified, high quality manufacturing partners. As experts at sourcing worldwide, if we don’t have what you need in stock, we know where to find it.

By tapping into our sourcing expertise and extensive supply chain network, our dedicated Business Development team can help find off-shelf packaging options to ensure your brand stands out, without overextending.

Launching a new brand isn’t always easy

Learn how we delivered maximum shelf appeal for premium brand, Mother of Pearl Vodka.


Global Sourcing Case Study

Mother of Pearl Vodka

Founders Nic and Nicola Thompson-Hancock came to Plasdene with a clear vision for their new product launch; Mother of Pearl ~ Vodka of the Sea. A premium grape-based vodka that showcases what the world loves about Australia, our oceans, landscape, lifestyle, and ease of style. The vision was to create a Vodka complimenting the Australian South Sea Pinctada Pearls, and representative of the natural beauty and pristine waters of the area. They needed a stand out bottle to meet their discerning brand expectations, targeting the sophisticated female, across an international distribution market. Ideally the bottle would be slimline, feminine, distinctive and of uncompromising quality. It should also align to the deep passion for the brand values and image, one of beauty and connectivity with nature.


Hear from our client Mother of Pearl on their experiences working with the Plasdene team through the project development process:

Case study questions

If you would like to learn more about how Plasdene can help you build and elevate your brand through our Global Sourcing Services working with our dedicated Business Development Unit, contact the team at bdu@plasdene.com.au.


During your journey to develop the look and feel of the bottle, how did Plasdene Glass-Pak help you achieve the desired result?

The strategic design choice of bottle shape is for a classic Vodka silhouette. With its iconic waved shoulder design, it sits on the shelf beside the world’s most established leading vodka brands.

Coupled with the matte-coloured sleeve Mother of Pearl stands out clearly from our competitors on any bar shelf, immediately catching your eye, especially those with a more feminine palette.


Plasdene was unwavering in their appreciation of our vision, we were pitching Mother of Pearl as a premium vodka to compete in the international spirits market. Their guidance over shape and style is why Mother of Pearl now proudly sits on the shelf aside the world's leading vodka brands.


How did Plasdene Glass-Pak help you through the process. i.e., Their experience, facilitating introductions to additional suppliers, etc.

The introduction to Label Makers (Le Mac) has been invaluable. Sleeving our Lolita bottle (supplied by Plasdene) has enabled Mother of Pearl to be agile in producing sleeves to fit with differing international alcohol regulations. It also reinforces our environmental standpoint and enables our vendors to hit their sustainability targets and expectations for recyclability.

The elegantly wave shaped bottle is wrapped with a removable recyclable shrink sleeve, maintaining both appeal and recyclability simultaneously.



This approach encourages recycling and, most importantly, reuse of our bottles by offering our partners ‘Airlines’ International Hotels and Hospitality Groups especially, as a rebate on future orders on the return of bottles. The opportunities for innovation via sleeves assist’s our partners to meet their targets and expectations for recyclability.


As a start-up business, how did Plasdene guide you through the process and work with you to deliver the right product packaging solution in line with a start-up business.

Plasdene listened to our brief and delivered on a bottle that is premium and assisted with connections to what are now long standing and invaluable suppliers.


Looking into forward planning, Plasdene are also assisting with longer term bottle printing options and suppliers.


Overall, what was your experience like to work with Plasdene Glass-Pak and would you recommend them to others.

Wholeheartedly would recommend Plasdene. As a family business the level of service, and genuine care in the growth and success of our business is unparalleled.