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At Plasdene Glass-Pak we have a longstanding commitment to support the community through a number of key activities such as sponsorship, donations, fundraising and partnerships. We do this because we believe that it is through this personal and business investment we can make a positive difference to the lives of Australians.

Our current focus is on supporting local groups and organisations that are dedicated to showcasing innovation and excellent in a wide variety of Australian products, including food, beverage, wine & spirits, pharmaceutical and complementary medicine , cosmetics and more.

Here's some of what our community partners had to say:

"Thank you so much Plasdene Glass-Pak Pty Ltd for sponsoring the Pam McGregor Trophy for the best aged Riesling at the Wine Show of Western Australia in Mt Barker again this year. I truly appreciate the support you give to the Wine Show and it's so good to see it is still a valued experience for WA wine producers.
Having been involved at the start, it is very satisfying to see it continues due to the hardworking team who put it together and the wide range of firms and groups who support it - including Plasdene!"

- Pam McGregor, Wine Show of Western Australia.


We are proud to be sponsorship partners with these groups and organisations:

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Sponsorship Proposal

If you would like to submit a sponsorship proposal for your event in the food, beverage, wine & spirits, pharmaceutical and complementary medicine, cosmetic and/or packaging arena, please click on the below link to email our team with your event details and sponsorship prospectus:

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