Our People

We are dedicated to creating an environment that allows our people to thrive.

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Wherever our people may be on their work journey (just starting out or chasing their next adventure) our commitment is one of a nurturing growth partnership aimed at delivering the highest level of career satisfaction and achievement.

We do this by supporting personal and professional growth within the business; providing opportunities to diversify skill set; and promoting from within.

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      • Plasdene Glass-Pak has supported every step of my career progression, leading to a fulfilling and rewarding employment experience spanning over 20 years. A kick-start in general warehousing activities and through a number of promotions, evolved into a National Logistics and Training role co-ordinating and streamlining the operations of our 7-branch network. But it didn’t stop there. Expressing an interest in all things tech-related and with the encouragement of our senior management team, I was embraced as a key contributor and project lead on a number of strategic I.T. initiatives, which was incredibly satisfying. But I’m also a “bottle, jar and container enthusiast” who loves to entertain my children at the local supermarket, pointing out our many products on the shelves. Above all, I’m chuffed and proud of playing a part in turning our clients’ dreams into commercial realisation.
      • Izzy Hanson – Head of Operations, Melbourne
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      • I started my career journey with Plasdene Glass-Pak as a young 22-year-old in the position of Corporate Receptionist. I can say firsthand that Plasdene Glass-Pak lives its mantra of ‘Partner With Us & Grow’ as I was quickly and affectionately encouraged to join our ever-growing Procurement Team and explore new horizons. That was over 10 years ago. I’m now a mum of two, and the Purchasing Manager. Balancing my role, career aspirations and family commitments was seamless thanks to the incredible loyalty demonstrated by the business to live its Values in having the best interests of our people at heart.
      • April Hartney – Purchasing Manager, Sydney
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      • Across my 10 year tenure with Plasdene Glass-Pak, I’ve progressed from Customer Service Officer, to Customer Service Team Leader, and now to Account Manager. The opportunities, as well as access to learning and development courses has been endless. Culturally speaking, at Plasdene Glass-Pak (whether client or team member) you are never treated as a number. It’s the personal consideration and caring approach towards ensuring the well-being of others that make the environment truly a connected, inspirational and collaborative place to work. Individual contribution and efforts are genuinely appreciated and rewarded, and our customers notice!  Building strong relationships with each other and our clients, and assisting them to grow their entrepreneurial endeavours is why we do what we do.
      • Laura Sala – Account Manager, Melbourne
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      • Joining Plasdene Glass-Pak 8 years ago as its first dedicated People resource , I particularly appreciate the absence of a ‘red-tape’ environment. Whilst the business has an overriding good governance approach underpinned by robust operating platforms and infrastructure, if we see an opportunity or an area for improvement, we act on it, and quickly! Decisions for the betterment of our valued clients and team are made in a hassle-free manner; which is reflective of our approach to constantly scan the health of the business by asking every member of our team, ‘how can we do better?’ ‘What should we Stop, Start and Continue?’ From a work satisfaction viewpoint, we encourage autonomy in decision making and actively provide opportunities to try something new. I certainly love contributing to projects not usually encompassed within the traditional people remit. Our employee retention rate is impressive, and we take care of our people. I would wholeheartedly encourage you to join us.
      • Vanessa Cassel – Head of People, Culture and Compliance, Sydney

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